Hightech milking

Course Overview

In this course you learn everything of automation in the dairy equipment world: automatic
milking systems, feed pusher, automated calf feeder, barn cleaner, … Summarized: everything
that helps a farmer to have less labour on his dairy farm. In the first week of the course we invite all different suppliers of dairy equipment, and you will learn about all their automated products.
You will visit several Hightech milking farms with all kind of different automated equipment. In
the second week, you will install a feed pusher on a farm, you will handle, maintain and evaluate
the machine. In the third week, you will have the possibility to do an internship on a Hightech
Milking farm or do the job with a technician of supplies in dairy equipment. During this week, you learn also if an investment in such equipment is profitable, you will maintain them, and if
you go back home, you should know what automated products are interesting for your future
dairy farm!

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