International product marketing in Agriculture

Course Overview

This course aims to introduce trainees to marketing techniques in the various agricultural sectors. In the agricultural and horticultural sectors, the sales and promotion have run through rather traditional channels for a long time. In that sense, the agricultural sector can still learn a lot from other sectors where newer and more innovative approaches are used.
Trainees will get to know various marketing techniques and are taught how to use them in practice. During the module, learners are stimulated to use innovative marketing and promotional techniques in real business cases from the agricultural and horticultural industries.
Course topics include:
  • basics principles of marketing;
  • branding & storytelling;
  • category management;
  • new media;
  • E-commerce;
  • omnimarketing.

The course is practical: trainees are challenged to use these techniques when developing a marketing plan for an agricultural or horticultural company.

Trainees will look at marketing from an international perspective and will be asked to compare famous strategies and examples from their home-countries with other international examples of marketing strategies.

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