New Horizons in pig production

Course Overview

High production efficiency and high standards regarding product quality and animal welfare are prerequisites regardless where a pig is reared in Europe. This course is for students aiming for being in charge for pig production in the future. You’ll learn about the essentials related to production efficiency, product quality and animal welfare. You will see various ways to produce pigs in order to challenge your perception of pig production systems. In the end, you must combine these elements into a model-draft of your future dream production system. You must be able to explain how this system will live up to efficient production of high quality pig meat and good animal welfare.

Topics covered in the course:

  • The needs and behavior of the pig
  • Factors of importance to efficiency, quality and welfare in pig production
  • Basics of biosecurity, production logistics and farm design

Upon this course you can

  • act on the basis of core knowledge about the need and behavior of the animal
  • observe and evaluate different production systems in a systematic way
  • do basic calculations and estimations related to farm design and produce a basic draft of a pig production system with emphasis on efficiency, quality and animal welfare.

You will know of:

  • universal factors of particular importance to pig growth an welfare
  • pro et con of various production systems.
  • Development of future pig production systems

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