Husbandry of Reptiles

This course will teach you all about the husbandry of reptiles. The practical components of this course are offered during a teaching period in Maasland, the Netherlands yearly. For a full course calender, please visit

Nordic Animals

This course about Nordic Animals teaches you about selected species of wild (or semi-wild) mammals and birds living in the north of Sweden. During the course, you will learn about and undertake the following topics and activities:


  • Biology of Nordic Animals: Species,
    ecology,  behavior, natural feed.
  • Working with Nordic Animals in captivity: Daily routines, feeding, cleaning, safe work.
  • Conservation Biology: Cites, red lists, protected species, projects.
  • Excursions: Biotopes, overnight in the wild.

You can participate in the course at Grans in Sweden. Please enrol here for participating in the course. 


Beef cattle husbandry

In this unit we focus on keeping and breeding beef cattle. Upon completion of this course, a trainee should be able to:





  • Understand routine and/or
    relevant beef cattle stock tasks;
  • Understand how to look after
    and feed beef cattle throughout the annual production calendar;
  • Understand the breeding and
    reproduction of beef cattle;
  • Describe safe
    techniques of administrating medication, showing knowledge of the types of
  • Understand
    the importance of cattle  identification
    and keeping the relevant records.

Dog Daily Care and Welfare in Finland

This course covers 4 topics related to basic dog care:

  • Biology dogs: Breed, characteristics, digestion, anatomy, behaviour, genetics;
  • Working with dogs: Feed, feeding strategy, caring and handling;
  • Housing and husbandry: Facilities, cleaning, daily routines, bio security;
  • Healthcare and safety: Health and safety, prevention of injuries and diseases, bio security, first aid.

Students can participate in the practical course at Kainuun ammattiopisto, Kajaani, Finland.

Introduction to sheep husbandry

The trainees will learn the basics about sheep husbandry. Importants subject that are covered in this course are:





  • Sheep stock tasks;
  • Sheep behaviour;
  • Sheep nutrition;
  • Sheep Production Cycle;
  • Sheep Health;
  • Sheep records.



First aid for animals

In this series of
lessons you will learn the basics of first aid for animals. It is essential
that you know the basic anatomy & physiology before you can apply first
aid. Once you understand how the normal animal body works, it is much easier to
understand where it can go wrong. You can also participate in this course at Lentiz in Maasland, the Netherlands.


Sled dogs

Sailing over untouched snow plains with your sled, hearing nothing but the sound of the dogs footsteps and their heavy breathing. If you want to know more about these exotic sleigh rides and taking care of the dogs in particular, this course is for you! Besides participating in this online course, students from the AHENE partnership can participate in this Swedish course starting in November 2017!

Dairy cows

In this module about dairy cows in Finland, there will be special focus on the Kyyttö cow race. Students will gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills working with these cows.

Upon completion of this unit, a learner should be able to:

  • Look after, handle, feed and milk dairy cows. The Eastern Finncattle dairy cows (Kyyttö) as an example;
  • Describe specific characteristics of the Kyyttö breed;
  • Keep animal areas clean;
  • Recognize symptoms/signs of illness and/or stress when observing cows and their behaviour and seek help accordingly;
  • Use personal protective equipment and work safely.

Students can participate in the practical course at Kainuun ammattiopisto, Kajaani, Finland.