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The 10-week online course ‘Aligning your business to the BioEconomy’ consists of 10 chapters:

1.       The basic principles of the BioEconomy 20 euro
2.       Trends related to the BioEconomy 20 euro
3.       Making money with Waste flows 89 euro
4.       Making business with Plant ingredients 89 euro
5.       Using Chemistry for innovation 39 euro
6.       Cycle oriented production 39 euro
7.       The use of Biomass as a basis 89 euro
8.       BioEconomy logistics 39 euro
9.       Recycling and cycle-dedicated enterprises 39 euro
10.   Generating new Energy sources 65 euro
TOTAL 498 euro

 Total course fee 498 euro

Discount for early birds 299 euro

‘Temporary discount price’ 118 euro*.

Advance payment: 49 euro, final payment 69 euro.

* Inluding 2 bonus chapters ‘Legislation’ & ‘Business Economics’ for free!

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